Thursday, November 7, 2013

okay so maybe there is no point to thus blog. just random thoughts. today im annoyed. this girl that's "my friend" wants to take over my shit. like no!! ugh I rather do things alone. I do things one way for a reason. It's complicated cuz I dont wanna say anything yet.
but eventually ima blow up and duct tape her and throw her in a closet. I'll choose a pretty duct tape like purple or zebra so maybe she'll look nice for once xD okay maybe thats too much..  so I dont have anything else to write about today. I got so many things to dooooo. Later then ;)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

blog numero ONE

So I decided to create some random blog. Just cuz I had no reason not to. Anyways Im pissed today cuz I realized how much I hate school, drama and life. like omg. too much shit going oooon. yo I wonder if this blog is gonna become like that blog from Awkward. okay seriously, what is up with that show?! why would she leave the hot blond guy and go to that other dude?! like no! like NO you dont do that lmfao! Omg can I curse on a blog. Either way FREEDOM OF SPEECH biatcheeeeez.
So ima just talk bout something else.
Btw, my grammar sucks cuz I dont feel like writing proper english. honey, this ain't english class. otra cosita, yo habeces escribo en español. Mais un peu de temps, j'ecris français.
anyways, again, lmao
Im supposed to be doing homework but im texting like 6 people and blogging so yea that homework is gonna become before-class-supposed-to-be-homework-work. omg I say omg alot. I have moments where Im just really slow. mentally not physically ;) kay well ima go shower so ttyl  :)